Established in 1995 as a travel agency and Umrah until 2006. Provides travel and tourism services. It works in the field of reservations for all international airlines. It is an agent for a number of airlines. It is also an agent for Hajj and Umrah and has branches in Khartoum. Shiri Agency is a full service travel agency, one of the leading tourism companies in Sudan.

– Shiri cooperates with many international airlines that travel to several destinations around the world. In addition, it organizes tourist trips inside and outside Sudan. Shiri cooperates with the best suppliers in this field and provides unique services to all travelers.

– The Agency has entered into a contract agreement with several local and international agencies in the Middle East and Asia, which provide various services. The key to our success is developing a large network of customers, so meeting customer needs is part of our mission.

Services provided by the Agency:


* the tickets.

* Indoor tours:

– Shiri agency specialized in internal tourism of Sudan. The investment group, which owns shares of Shiri Tourism, invests heavily in tourism and owns the following:

* Merowe tourist village, (northern part of Sudan, archaeological sites, pyramids). The establishment of the Port Sudan Hotel (eastern part of Sudan, Red Sea) is still under way.

* Al-Sablouga Village Complex (6th waterfall).

* (Gadaref Hotel) Eastern part of Sudan, near the border with Ethiopia.

* Hasco Limousine Company.

* Yacht on the Nile.

 Outside Services: (Visa, Hotel Reservation, Travel Insurance)

* With continued market analysis and customer travel patterns, the Agency facilitates full services including visa, hotel reservation and travel insurance for Schengen member states. Outdoor tour packages are provided on the other hand at the request of the customer.

* Medical and educational tourism:

The agency has contracted with many hospitals in India, Malaysia and Thailand. She has also contracted with Malaysian and Thai universities for various training and educational courses.

* Hajj and Umrah services:

In 2005, Shiri started Hajj and Umrah services and contracted with the best service providers in this field, offering the best hotel and transportation facilities to its customers.

* VIP and airport assistance.

We offer concierge service and assistance to the airport customers. We also offer VIP lounges upon request.

For reservations and inquiries:

T: 00249183785124

T: 00249183763970