Who we are?

About Al Mada Tourism & Hotels Co. Ltd.

Who We Are

Al-Mada Tourism & Hotels Co. Ltd. is a national joint stock company affiliated to the International Investment Group based in Sudan-Khartoum. It is a specialized company in the tourism sector of its various types. The company established in 2012, and has several companies and activities operating since 1995 .


ALMADA has several companies and activities operating such as:

  • Shiri Travel and Tourism Agency
  • Merowe tourist village
  • Yacht Nile Tourism
  • Al-Rabwa tourist resort- Port Sudan
  • Al Rabwa Hotel – Gedaref
  • Hasco Limousine Company
  • Sabaloga tourist resort

Our Vision

The range is the leading company in the field of tourism in Sudan and is among the top ten best Arab and African countries in the next five years.


* Providing hotel services and tourist entertainment and introductory to the highest standards and quality and to highlight our civilization and culture.

* Contribute to the development of the tourism sector and hotels in Sudan to reach the world.

* Achieving a high level of performance and advanced with the development of the level of services and infrastructure and human cadres.

* Contribute actively with partners to make the name of Sudan one of the best tourist destinations regionally and globally.

Rate Us

  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Creativity
  • Achievement
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Efficiency
  • Excellence and research
  • Initiative and participation
  • Our clients are our partners
  • Teamwork

OUR Goals

* Continuing to develop tourism and hotel services to meet the best international standards.

* Expansion and development of the company’s activities locally and regionally with a new concept and new processions.

* Provide job opportunities with the development and development of human competencies and maintain and care to satisfy customers.

* Promote the tourism, culture and hospitality of Sudan and the origin of the bright face of our country.

* Providing tourist and hotel services at competitive prices to reach the largest segment of our customers.

* Establishing the principle that tourism is a noble economic, social and cultural goal.