About Sudan: Kush.. The old Sudan

* Our human race appeared almost 200,000 years ago. Scientists believed that humans spent the first 150,000 years in frosting and wandering in search of sustenance, and that they lived in the caves throughout this period until the great exodus from Africa to the rest of the world and the development of human beings and their settlement in settlements inhabited by buildings Constructed from stationary materials 50,000 years ago.

However, a new discovery proved the error of this information and that Sudan witnessed the first beginnings of urbanization and human renaissance before this date by 20 thousand years. In northern Sudan, al-Fad, scientists found the world’s first human settlement.
Found structures of permanent houses with a workshop for the manufacture of stone weapons from flint stones used in hunting hippos, elephants, buffaloes, monkeys and rodents. Not far from that place was found a place to cut the meat that was caught to give it a new guide pointing to a more advanced level of human development and adaptation.


* The first vine or Kush appeared in about 2500 BC as a sophisticated cultural center that flourished commercially and economically thanks to the flood agriculture on the banks of the Nile. The Kermi community was very much in the process of development and civil development where the existence of the kings of the kings of the masses, which is a distinctive feature of the ancient civilization of Karma reflects the high level of cultural consciousness and the Shura, which was administered by the State and found no similar in the Pharaonic civilization or any other civilization In the world.
The community of Kerma grew up with a local peculiarity that came from the core of the family groups which developed into villages and sheikhs crystallized by the emergence of Karma as a urban and urban capital to reflect the sum of the noble values of the local groups that formed the foundation of the Nile Valley civilization.

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